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Book deal: The Marquess and the Runaway Lady

Coming February 2023  I am working on the edits now and I can't wait to share more.

A New Cozy Mystery Series!

Thank You DEAL!

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Interview with Anneka Walker

  Interview with Anneka Walker: Q: Do you have your own group of Rebels? A: I do! We call ourselves HACKK though. We grew up together and take yearly girl's trips. They are always eager to rally behind a good cause and are as loyal as they come.   Q: Have you ever tried to matchmake, like the ladies in your book? Or are you in a 'musical club' (#wink)? A: Haha! I love this question. I have experimented a little in the art of matchmaking. The first time I meddled, I nearly had a success. While they both married other people (they chose beautifully for themselves) they are next-door neighbors and their kids are best friends. So at least I can say, I had a hand in building a beautiful friendship!     Q: Who is your favorite character in the book? A: Paul. I love out-of-the-box characters. He has so many layers to him, and no matter how he tries to protect them, Louisa keeps peeling them back. The poor guy can't hide how wonderful he is. So, he's my fav because I loved

Bargaining for the Barrister

  BARGAINING FOR THE BARRISTER  by Anneka R. Walker The young people in the village call themselves the Rebels, but they are no match for the Matchmaking Mama's! Mothers (and a few fathers) have joined forces under the guise of a new 'music club' to marry off their children. Mrs. Sheldon is first and wants her son Paul, a hard working barrister, to find love. She invites Miss Louisa Cox to stay. Louisa has lost both of her parents and is tired of being chased for her fortune. She wants to find a kind man with whom she can have an affectionate relationship. But Paul feels trapped by their machinations as well as from his abusive past. He doesn't like to be touched-how can he fall in love? Both Paul and Louisa are struggling with past trauma and attempting to handle it different ways. Their romance is a sweet, slow burn as they both allow themselves to be vulnerable with the other. The Rebels (Paul's friend group) are particularly charming and I can't help but won