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Discussion Questions: The Duchess Contract

  1.        Selina doesn’t have a choice over who she marries; how does she take control of her situation?   2.        Do you have a favorite scent or perfume/cologne? Do you associate any memories with a particular smell?   3.        In what ways is a marriage a social contract? Do you think Theophilus and Selina’s contract is fair? How would you change their bargain?   4.        Do you think the lion should have been put down for attacking the girl and causing her death?   5.        What causes Theophilus’s feelings to change toward Selina?   6.        How is respect different then love? Can you have one without the other?   7.        How does Selina’s relationship with her father and stepmother change?   8.        Which animal in the story is your favorite and why?   9.        Why does the Prince Regent help Selina socially? What does he hope to gain?   10.    Share alternate titles for the book.

Secret of the Sonnets: Author Copies!

My author copies have arrived! Aren't they beautiful? SECRET OF THE SONNETS is Jane Austen + Shakespeare with plenty of banter. Arriving on bookshelves January 3rd, 2023! Snag your own copy from: Amazon Seagull Book Deseret Book

The Marquess and the Runaway Lady

  The Marquess and the Runaway Lady  (2/21/23) An entertaining Harlequin Historical debut Will this disheveled runaway… Become the diamond of the Season? When the Marquess of Cheswick—Wick—takes in a mysterious woman, he’s shocked to discover she is Lady Louisa, an heiress who’s escaped her cruel aunt! Grieving the loss of two siblings, Wick avoids opening his heart to anyone else and stays away from the marriage mart. But when Louisa needs a husband in order to claim her inheritance, Wick’s determined to help—even if it means stepping back into his worst nightmare: the Season! From Harlequin Historical:  Your romantic escape to the past. Preorder links:  Amazon     Barnes & Noble     Indie     Harlequin    Walmart     Target     Powells     BAM


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