Discussion Questions: The Duchess Contract


1.       Selina doesn’t have a choice over who she marries; how does she take control of her situation?

 2.       Do you have a favorite scent or perfume/cologne? Do you associate any memories with a particular smell?

 3.       In what ways is a marriage a social contract? Do you think Theophilus and Selina’s contract is fair? How would you change their bargain?

 4.       Do you think the lion should have been put down for attacking the girl and causing her death?

 5.       What causes Theophilus’s feelings to change toward Selina?

 6.       How is respect different then love? Can you have one without the other?

 7.       How does Selina’s relationship with her father and stepmother change?

 8.       Which animal in the story is your favorite and why?

 9.       Why does the Prince Regent help Selina socially? What does he hope to gain?

 10.   Share alternate titles for the book.


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