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Order your copy now: Amazon     Barnes & Noble     Indie    Harlequin   Walmart     Target     Powells     BAM   Book Discussion Questions How is Lady Louisa’s life like the fairytale Cinderella? Who are her “magical mice”? Is Wick doing a good job bearing the responsibilities as the head of the family? Which Stringham sister is your favorite and why? Louisa tells Wick that sharing a burden with those who love you makes it lighter. Do you agree? Have you had a similar experience? Should Belinda be held responsible for her part in Louisa’s abduction? Do you think the Rockingham’s got their proper comeuppance? Louisa longs to be loved as she is. Do we sometimes change ourselves to earn another’s approval? Or affection? How does Mantheria and Sunny’s blighted love story reflect Lord Glastonbury’s and his mistress, Lady Dutton? What are the differences? Who is the perfect governess for the Stringham sisters a

New Book Deals

  Some super exciting news! I’ve sold more books. I can’t wait to tell more stories about the Stringham family.  Free prequel: THE DUCHESS CONTRACT Book 1: THE MARQUESS AND THE RUNAWAY LADY (2/21/23) Book 2: DEBUTANTE WITH A DANGEROUS PAST (8/22/23) This contract:  Book 3: Lady Frederica’s story  Book 4: Lady Helen’s story  #stringhamsisters #harlequinhistorical #bookish #bookdeal #regencyromance #romance #historicalromance @millsandboonuk @harlequinbooks

Bookstagram Tour: The Marquess and the Runaway Lady

February 8-14th: @larameefox  February 15-21st: @a_lady_and_her_literature February 22-28th:  @fostering.literacy March 1-7th:  @my.bounteous.bookshelf  March 8-14th: @mara.harvey

Blog Tour: The Marquess and the Runaway Lady

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