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Secret of the Sonnets

Secret of the Sonnets : Coming January 2, 2023 from Covenant! Miranda Hatch is a scholar, and at the advanced age of twenty-six, she is undoubtedly a spinster. Her single-minded ambition leads her not to seek a husband but to find the lost manuscript of William Shakespeare. So when she discovers a connection between the Bard and the local dashing marquess, she pens a letter requesting access to papers that might secure her academic triumph.  Lord Robert Hamilton is drowning in debt and must turn things around or risk losing his ancestral home. With the weight of the world on his shoulders, he had little time to bother with a letter from an M. Hatch requesting access to ancestral papers--until he realizes that there may be some financial merit in granting the request. To his great surprise, M. Hatch turns out to be none other than the lovely Miss Miranda. The pair soon embarks on the trail of a centuries-old mystery, drawn together not only by their shared goal but by their growing attr

Author Interview: Joanna Ruth Meyer

  1.      You write gorgeous fairy tales; do you have a favorite story?           Thank you! My favorite fairy tale has been Beauty & the Beast ever since I read Robin McKinley’s lovely retelling Beauty when I was about 11 years old. Echo North is a retelling of the Norwegian fairy tale East of the Sun and West of the Moon, which is a cousin fairy tale to Beauty & the Beast and contains a lot of similar elements, so I had the pleasure of exploring both fairy tales while writing it! Wind Daughter is set in the same world as Echo , but is not a retelling. 2. Who is your favorite character in the book and why?           I absolutely loved writing the Winter Lord, but my favorite is probably Satu. I have never put so much of myself into a character as I did into Satu—I gave her my insecurities, my high sensitivity, my social anxiety… writing the book in some ways felt like a self call out on every single page. :D But I wanted to write a character who is hyper sensitive and cries

Book Review: Wind Daughter

WIND DAUGHTER by Joanna Ruth Meyer Book review: 5 STARS***** A companion novel to ECHO NORTH, WIND DAUGHTER is woven together in the same magical world. The writing is as lyrical and intoxicating as old magic. Traditional fantasy storytelling at its finest. Satu North is the daughter of the North Wind and must save the world from unraveling. She feels too much and fears that she is not strong enough for the task. She is both aided and hindered by the Winter Lord; a handsome and mysterious character.

Free Short Story: What the Dickens?

  What the Dickens?   A sweet / clean / wholesome romance / short story with the characters from  The Last Word . When Charles Dickens dies without finishing the serialized novel, THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD, David sets out with his wife Lucinda to find out who killed the fictional character Edwin Drood. They attend the famous author's memorial service to learn from his friends and family, only to discover a shocking secret about Dickens' death.