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A Witches Tea Party

I love tea parties and I love Halloween!  This year, I've been overwhelmed so I decided to keep the annual witch's tea simple, but still fun!  My daughter invited 5 of her friends to dress up as witches and come over.  FOOD I had them make their own: Spiders: mini chocolate donuts, pretzels for legs, and skittles for eyes.  Brooms: pretzel sticks and mini Reece's Buttercups. And tea, of course! CRAFT They decorated ghost puppets.  I glue-gunned 2 pieces of ghost-shaped white felt together and glued on googly eyes.  The girls cut out the mouths from black felt and decorated them with ribbons, pompoms, and buttons.  No two ghosts were the same.  GAME Witch Bingo with candy corn pieces.  We played long enough for everyone to win several times.  They picked a treat/prize from a bucket for every bingo. It was a lovely afternoon!