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THE LAST WORD: 25 Book Giveaway on Goodreads

THE LAST WORD comes out in less than two months, but if you'd like to snag an early copy for free, enter the 25 book #giveaway on Goodreads

May the odds be ever in your favor!

The Last Word is a Junior Library Guild Selection

I'm thrilled to share that The Last Word is a Junior Library Guild Selection! In case you don't know, The Junior Library Guild is a book subscription box for libraries. Which means that my book is going to libraries all over the United States.

I was a Teen Librarian for 7 years and I love libraries. I am so grateful that no matter how much money you have, you can always have free access to fictional books and information. So, if The Last Word comes to your library, please check it out!

Meeting author Rosalyn Eves

On Saturday, I headed to the King's English bookstore in Salt Lake City for Rosalyn Eves book launch of WINTER WAR AWAKENING. It's the third book in the BLOOD ROSE REBELLION trilogy. It's a historical fantasy set during the 19th century.

Rosalyn Eves was a delightful presenter and shared some of the oddest folktales she came across in her research. Including, a mother who was slicing off her thighs to feed her children (yeesh).

Her next book is a historical fiction title set in the American West during an eclipse. Another fascinating research tidbit she found was how to make the color green: you dyed the cloth first in indigo and then in urine (she assured us that urine is sterile).

So excited to read the final book of her trilogy!

Opposite Titles Quiz!

Can you guess these Victorian books by their opposite titles?
Happy HovelEast and WestEndseptemberShe's Unsure If She Is WrongBreezy LowsThe StudentSmall PossibilitiesHusbands and SonsHow We Died ThenAn Easter Lament Find the answers in my April newsletter.

Want to read my book three months BEFORE it’s published?

Want to read my book three months BEFORE it’s published? Sign up for my quarterly newsletter for a chance to win an ARC (advanced readers copy) of THE LAST WORD.
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Bloodleaf Book Launch!

BLOODLEAF by Crystal Smith is a dark and amazing retelling of the Goose Girl fairy-tale.  Check out my full review on Goodreads.
Her launch party at the King's English Bookstore in SLC was so much fun! And I got to attend it with two of my other favorite authors: Erin Stewart and Tiana Smith.   Crystal is so talented! Not only does she write incredibly fantasy, she also created her own artwork for this poster, bookmark, and the concept for her cover.  If you're looking for a new favorite series, look no further!

Double the Fun! Tricia Levenseller and Charlie Holmberg's book launches

(Me, Tricia Levenseller, Tiana Smith, and McKelle George)
Tricia's Warrior of the Wild is a Viking-like fantasy tale with one tough heroine who is tasked with the impossible: to kill a god. 
For her launch, Tricia was decked in full Viking regalia and even had an ax just like the one on the front of her book cover. She's also the amazing author of a piratey duology called: Daughter of the Pirate King. If you are looking for strong female heroines, look no further!

(Charlie Holmberg and me)
I've been a big fan of Charlie Holmberg since her first book, The Paper Magician, came out. Her newest book is the first in the Numina Trilogy called Smoke & Summons.  She described it as fidget spinners meets Pokemon. Roan has a device that allows him to immortal for one minute every 24 hours. And Sandis is a vessel for monsters from another plane. It is a fast-paced, heart-pumping read with one wicked twist at the end. I can't wait to read the sequel!

January Book Launch Parties

I was lucky enough to celebrate the publication of two of my friend's books in January at the King's English bookshop. Tiana Smith's charming mixed-up match-making YA rom com, MATCH ME IF YOU CAN.

And RuthAnne Snow's contemporary YA novel about four friends going to prom together after one attempted suicide, WHEN THE TRUTH UNRAVELS.  Everyone in these pictures are authors who have a book debuting this year. To learn more about my fabulous friends check out the Utah Novel 19s Website

The Last Word Book Group Questions

The Last Word Book Group Questions (Google doc)

1.Which character do you think got The Last Word in the book and why? 2.Why do you think Lucinda Leavitt is obsessed with the serialized story, She Knew She Was Right; and in particular, Eurydice Emerson’s choice between her two suitors? Why is the power of choice so important to Lucinda? 3.Who is your favorite character and why? 4.Lucinda Leavitt and Persephone Merritt are fast friends. How are they similar to each other? How are they different? And how do they help each other? 5.David Randall asks Lucinda Leavitt whether she would like to live in London or in the country. Which setting would you choose and why? What was your favorite setting in the book? 6.Lucinda Leavitt compares herself to a doll several times in the story. How accurate do you think a doll represents how women were treated and perceived during the Victorian Era? 7.Lucinda Leavitt struggles against societal norms and gender stereotypes that confine women from working in mat…