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Clean, fantastic, and fun Period Drama

I loved this movie.  It had everything I could possibly want in a movie: great acting, compelling story, beautiful scenery, sumptuous costumes, romance and it was clean!      Watch the trailer.   "Belle" is based on a real story and a intriguing painting of two cousins: Dido (Belle) and her cousin Elizabeth were raised by their Great Uncle and Aunt, Lord and Lady Mansfield.  In the movie, both ladies portray how difficult it was to be a woman (whatever your color) during the 18th century with very few options outside of marriage.    Dido's uncle is the chief justice (kind of like the head of the supreme court) and there is a huge case about a slave ship and whether or not you can insure human cargo.    Two gentlemen of good family who are interested in the cousins.   Enter a young idealistic man who wants to change the world.   I don't want to give spoilers.  A thought-provoking, beautiful movie about family and love.