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The Bone Charming Book Club Discussion Questions

The Bone Charmer By Breeana Shields Book Discussion Questions   1.       “It’s not healthy to know too much about your own future,” Della says. Would you choose to have a bone kenning? 2.       Latham says that, “Fate is predictable, but choice isn’t.” And Saskia insists that the power of choice is “the greater luxury.” How are Saskia, Bram, Declan, and Della’s choices unpredictable? Is the power of choice a luxury? 3.       “Trying to escape your fate is like trying to make a toad croon like a songbird...No matter how good your intentions, you’re just wasting your time.” Do you believe in fate?  Do you believe there is a perfect mate for you? For everyone? Would you choose to be bone-matched? 4.       “You have a hundred possible futures, my love,” Della says. Do you think that’s true for everyone? Every age? 5.       Gran explains that fate and freedom aren’t opposites... “they’re partners in the dance of life. Always circling each other, touching and then coming apart

Review: A Golden Fury by Samantha Cohoe

  A GOLDEN FURY by Samantha Cohoe Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ A perfect read like for fans of Addie Thorley’s AN AFFAIR OF POISONS. Thea and her mother are alchemists, but just before they’ve completed the philosopher’s stone her mother locked her out of their lab and went mad. Thea is sent back to England to a father who doesn’t know she exists and only her notes and her letters from Will. Both her father and Will want her knowledge, but who can she trust? And is the stone cursed? Thea is a passionate and intelligent heroine that is sure to appeal to modern readers. She is naive at times, but her heart is always in the right place. The setting is as explosive as the alchemy; beginning in Revolutionary France and then to England on the brink of war. I loved the references to Mary Wollstonecraft’s VINDICATION OF THE RIGHTS OF WOMEN. There’s a strong feminist streak that I adored.


It's time to celebrate Christmas in October! A ROYAL CHRISTMAS QUANDARY comes out today. Here is what other authors are saying: In case you missed my October newsletter, you can still read it here!  I hope you have a wonderful day.