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An Unlikely Proposition by Rosalyn Eves

An Unlikely Proposition by Rosalyn Eves Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Move over John Keats. Step aside Samuel Coleridge. There’s a new Regency poet on the scene: Miss Thalia Aubrey! After a botched elopement in AN UNLIKELY SEASON, Thalia is working as a lady’s companion and pursuing her poetry. Her employer is widowed teenager Eleanor who is being harassed by her dead husband’s nephew for her fortune. Eleanor enters into a fake engagement (fake dating trope anyone?) and hijinks ensue when she meets another handsome young man. Love and poetry are messy too when Thalia starts falling for Eleanor’s fiancĂ©! Jane Austen fans will love this curtsy to the Regency period and modern young ladies will appreciate the two prickly and strong-willed heroines who fight for control of their own futures.