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Hana’s life is forever changed when the Comtesse de Champagne, a wealthy and eccentric Englishwoman, sees a painting of her. The comtesse purchases Hana from her father, and Hana’s existence transforms from one of poverty to one of privilege.   For years Hana enjoys the comforts of her new position, but she hates how controlling and neurotic the comtesse is. When the comtesse is accused of murdering Sir Reginald Shipley over a painting, Hana must do all in her power to prove the comtesse’s innocence or she’ll lose everything.   She reluctantly works with Aaron Shipley, Sir Reginald’s grandson, to track down the true murderer, only to discover shocking secrets that will shake everything Hana and Aaron thought they knew about themselves and their families. And falling in love could prove deadly. Available October 13th, 2021. Preorder now! Discussion Questions
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Whitney Awards Nominee

 I am delighted to share that THE GIRL WITH THE GOLDEN EYES is a Whitney Awards nominee. To learn more and nominate more of your favorite books published this year, go to


Thank you so much for supporting me and my books! If you purchase an eBook, Paperback, or Hardback copy, I 'd love to send you a little gift in the mail. Unfortunately, Kindle Unlimited does not qualify. International readers welcome. Ends November 13, 2021. Enter your address and a screenshot of your receipt here. Easy purchase link. 

Discussion questions for THE GIRL WITH THE GOLDEN EYES

  The Girl with the Golden Eyes   Discussion Questions In what ways does the Comtesse de Champagne treat Hana like a pet or painting? Or do you think she treats her like a daughter? Some of the comtesse’s home remedies seem outlandish, but are there any home remedies that you use? Aaron asks Hana what she is scared of and she says poverty. What are you scared of? How does Hana’s fear of poverty help drive her decision making? Would you pick kisses or cake? Which flavor? Hana wants “to be loved, but not cherished. She’d been cherished before, and nothing was more soul-destroying than that.” Do you agree? Aaron prefers photographs to paintings. “Photography showed only truth in all its tainted and painful glory. It showed death without dignity, remorse without restraint.” Do you agree? Do you prefer photographs or paintings? Did any of the Victorian mourning practices or superstitions surprise you? How do we mourn similarly today?  Aaron says, “Please don’t trade your freedom for securit

It's no secret... I'm getting another book published!

 I'm delighted to announce that Covenant Communications has purchased my next book, SECRET OF THE SONNETS! As soon as I have a cover, I will share it.

The Collector

Do you collect anything?  I collect books and teacups. My newest teacup is inspired by STRANGE THE DREAMER by Laini Taylor.  (From LitJoyCrate) #sharethelitjoy

What’s on the menu

I thought I’d share my home projects with books! This board and batten wall is in my dining room. My husband and I did it in February this year. I was glad for the help because the ceiling is 14+ feet high!  On the menu today is a delicious new book from Suzanne Park Comedienne and Author 🍛🍲🍜 SO WE MEET AGAIN  Book review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Jess is fired from her Wallstreet banker job because they were restructuring and she was not leadership material; despite her work colleagues calling her an “Asian worker-bee” (#cringe). Embarrassed and jobless, Jess heads back to her parent’s home in Nashville. There she meets her middle school rival/nemesis Daniel and now he’s hot. Jess comes up with her own business plan to sell Korean sauces that can be used with meal kits. She even films cooking videos and her Korean parents help. But as her relationship with Daniel begins to simmer, her business has a setback. Jess overcomes sexism and racism to create her own happily-ever-after. I loved her relat