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When I'm writing a book I always wonder what the cover will look like. The Invention of Sophie Carter is the story of twin sisters set in 1851 who have been tossed from one reluctant relative to another. When only Sophie is invited to London to visit her aunt, Lady Bentley, both girls decide to go masquerading as the same person. Sophie is an accomplished clock-worker and is determined to become an inventor. Mariah wants to be an artist. On their individual paths to self discovery, they are more than a few hiccups, including a pair of suitors who think they're both in love with "Sophie Carter."
This gorgeous cover highlights the two sisters! Sophie's love of clocks is subtly hinted at in the scroll-work. I hope you love my cover as much as I do! 

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A ROYAL CHRISTMAS QUANDARY is a funny YA historical romance set in a castle with missing princes, parlor games, and mistaken identities. 
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Anya and the Dragon

My friend Sofiya Pasternack's wonderful middle grade fantasy, Anya and the Dragon is now out!
To celebrate her launch party, Tiana and I wore matching T-shirts.
My Review: 

Full of wit, warmth, and adventure, this heartwarming fantasy is a must read!

What I loved 🖤🖤🖤:
1. Anya is only 13, but she’s strong and fearless. She’ll do anything to save her family.
2. Ivan comes from an entire family of Ivan’s (so many charming scenes) and is a smart and loyal friend. His family moves to town to capture the dragon for the Tsar.
3. The family dynamics. Babulya (grandma) with her forbidden magic and Dyedka (grandpa) with his animal magic. Her hardworking mama and her father who is away to fight for the Tsar.
4. The fantasy creatures! From their house spirit, domovoi, to the rusalka, to the scary dragon.
5. Anya is Jewish and I loved learning more about her culture. She’s mistreated in the village because of her religion and I think it’s important for children and adults to read about prejudice (…

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"Refreshing ... Lucinda, a young Victorian woman with a modern sensibility well ahead of her time, has plenty of pluck and determination. Hastings' breezy prose and crafty plotting will leave readers racing to uncover her own last installment." ―BookPage

"This book was so lovely! Lucinda’s spunky personality mixed with her independent nature made her one of my favorite female MCs ... If you love historical romance than you’ll definitely love this one!" ―The Clever Reader

"I was blown away by the wonderful feminist themes throughout this book, and Hastings delivered them with such a witty punch. Lucinda is the type of heroine girls need to read about! ... This book was everything I’d hoped it would be and then some." ―YA and Wine

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