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Library Journal: Debutante with a Dangerous Past

  Full review:  Nancy Black wants to escape her scandalous  past , but falling in love  with  Lord Matthew Stringham was not in her plans. As Nancy attempts to stay out of trouble and be the perfect  debutante , her  past catches  up  with  her, jeopardizing her life, love, and hopes for  a  safe, comfortable future. Full of intrigue and mystery, Hastings's Regency rags-to-riches story will keep readers hooked. The plot moves along quickly, and the language is reflective of the time period. The central romance is introduced almost immediately and grows throughout the story. The criminal  past  of the main character adds mystery and tension, keeping readers wondering what will happen next. VERDICT  With  romance, mystery, and scandal, Hastings's latest book (after The Marquess and the Runaway Lady) has it all. Perfect for  a quick  weekend read and for fans of Regency romance.—(Library Journal, vol 148, issue 7, p1)