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Finding Happiness

  “I wish, as well as everybody else, to be perfectly happy; but like everybody else, it must be in my own way.” -EMMA by Jane Austen.   What makes you perfectly happy?  For myself, my husband, chocolate, a good book, and a bubble bath  🛀🛀🛀 I’m adoring Sally Britton’s Inglewood series. In the four I’ve read (there’s one more), each of the five friends finds happiness in their own way.  In RESCUING LORD INGLEWOOD, Esther and Silas find happiness in a convenient marriage.  In DISCOVERING GRACE, twin sisters Grace and Hope find joy in switching places.  In SAVING MISS EVERLY, Hope finds happiness and love while being marooned on an island.  In ENGAGING SIR ISAAC, Millie and Isaac learn there are second chances in love and life.  This Saturday, September 19th, I get to take over Sally’s group for the day: I’m going to be doing multiple posts and giveaways! Join the group if you’d like to participate  🖤🎩🖤🎩

One Way or Another

 What are some of your favorite romcoms?  ONE WAY OR ANOTHER by Kara McDowell has all of the charm and romance of a Hallmark movie plus the depth and drama of a well-written novel. Paige suffers from crippling anxiety and even the smallest of decisions, sends her into a spiral of overthinking. So when she is offered two different ways to celebrate Christmas, she is undecided. Go to New York with her mom on her first airplane ride and do all the things on her list. Or, enjoy the holiday at her best friend’s cabin who she also happens to be in love with. Fate and a knock on the head, give her the opportunity to enjoy both options... I loved seeing how the two “fates” differed and how they were the same. I also enjoyed Paige’s character growth in both scenarios. And what is a Christmas story without romance? Well this one has plenty of misunderstandings, misses, and holiday kisses. 

Character Cards: Prince Bertie

 Bertie is a bit of a disappointment to his parents; sandwiched between Vicky and Alice (both genius-level intellect), he’s ordinary. More charming than virtuous. More spontaneous than serious. But because he is male, he is the heir to Queen Victoria’s throne. He’s only 19, but his sister Vicky is already vetting princesses in Europe for his future wife. He and Drina are friends, and he wants to help her break the entail on her family’s estate. 👑👑👑 He’ll eventually become King Edward VII, but his friends still call him Tum Tum. 👑👑👑 Preorder gifts and purchase links. 

Princess Alice Character Card

 This week I’m going to highlight two REAL royal characters! Queen Victoria, her husband, and eight of her nine children are characters in A ROYAL CHRISTMAS QUANDARY.  Princess Alice is the third child and at the ripe old age of 17 needs to pick a prince fast (her older sister Vicky was engaged at 14; yikes!). Her parents have given her until Christmas to pick her future husband. Luckily, her best friend Drina is ready to help her find the perfect prince.  Preorder gifts and purchase links.