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Whitney Awards Nominee

 I am delighted to share that THE GIRL WITH THE GOLDEN EYES is a Whitney Awards nominee. To learn more and nominate more of your favorite books published this year, go to


Thank you so much for supporting me and my books! If you purchase an eBook, Paperback, or Hardback copy, I 'd love to send you a little gift in the mail. Unfortunately, Kindle Unlimited does not qualify. International readers welcome. Ends November 13, 2021. Enter your address and a screenshot of your receipt here. Easy purchase link. 

Discussion questions for THE GIRL WITH THE GOLDEN EYES

  The Girl with the Golden Eyes   Discussion Questions In what ways does the Comtesse de Champagne treat Hana like a pet or painting? Or do you think she treats her like a daughter? Some of the comtesse’s home remedies seem outlandish, but are there any home remedies that you use? Aaron asks Hana what she is scared of and she says poverty. What are you scared of? How does Hana’s fear of poverty help drive her decision making? Would you pick kisses or cake? Which flavor? Hana wants “to be loved, but not cherished. She’d been cherished before, and nothing was more soul-destroying than that.” Do you agree? Aaron prefers photographs to paintings. “Photography showed only truth in all its tainted and painful glory. It showed death without dignity, remorse without restraint.” Do you agree? Do you prefer photographs or paintings? Did any of the Victorian mourning practices or superstitions surprise you? How do we mourn similarly today?  Aaron says, “Please don’t trade your freedom for securit