The Bone Charming Book Club Discussion Questions

The Bone Charmer

By Breeana Shields

Book Discussion Questions


1.      “It’s not healthy to know too much about your own future,” Della says. Would you choose to have a bone kenning?

2.      Latham says that, “Fate is predictable, but choice isn’t.” And Saskia insists that the power of choice is “the greater luxury.” How are Saskia, Bram, Declan, and Della’s choices unpredictable? Is the power of choice a luxury?

3.      “Trying to escape your fate is like trying to make a toad croon like a songbird...No matter how good your intentions, you’re just wasting your time.” Do you believe in fate?  Do you believe there is a perfect mate for you? For everyone? Would you choose to be bone-matched?

4.      “You have a hundred possible futures, my love,” Della says. Do you think that’s true for everyone? Every age?

5.      Gran explains that fate and freedom aren’t opposites... “they’re partners in the dance of life. Always circling each other, touching and then coming apart again, both made more beautiful by the existence of the other.” Do you agree? Would you pick fate or freedom?

6.      What do you think the bones in the story are a symbol of?

·         “Bones are the source of all magic,” Nora says, pacing along the stage in the amphitheater. “They are the most permanent part of us, enduring long after the flesh has rotted away. But even while our bones are still within our bodies, they are powerful. If broken, they can heal themselves. And the marrow within them fights off evil, wards off disease, and keeps you well. But eventually, we all succumb to the grip of death; the magic in our bones is all that remains.”

·         “When everything else is destroyed, the bones always manage to survive.”

7.      What type of bone magic would you study if you attended Ivory Hall? (Bone Charmers, Bone Masons, Bone Breakers, and/or Bone Healers)

8.      How are the tattoos on the characters’ bodies created? Would you want your past experiences or present feelings to show on your skin?

9.      If you could pick one sight, which one would it be: first (past), second (present), or third (future)? Which one do you think is the most powerful? Which sight do you think will help Saskia the most?

10  “Do you ever wish you could go back in time and choose a different path?” Saskia asks. Do you have anything small or big in your past that you would like to change?

11 Which reality did you want Saskia to keep? What did you think of the ending?


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