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Interview with Anneka Walker


Interview with Anneka Walker:

Q: Do you have your own group of Rebels?
A: I do! We call ourselves HACKK though. We grew up together and take yearly girl's trips. They are always eager to rally behind a good cause and are as loyal as they come.
Q: Have you ever tried to matchmake, like the ladies in your book? Or are you in a 'musical club' (#wink)?
A: Haha! I love this question. I have experimented a little in the art of matchmaking. The first time I meddled, I nearly had a success. While they both married other people (they chose beautifully for themselves) they are next-door neighbors and their kids are best friends. So at least I can say, I had a hand in building a beautiful friendship!  
Q: Who is your favorite character in the book?
A: Paul. I love out-of-the-box characters. He has so many layers to him, and no matter how he tries to protect them, Louisa keeps peeling them back. The poor guy can't hide how wonderful he is. So, he's my fav because I loved brainstorming his reactions and seeing him evolve through the story.
Q: What was your inspiration for the story?
A: I wanted to write a community of strong families. They ALL have their problems, so strong does not mean perfect! And, yes, the kids are often pitted against their parents. But even with misguided ideas, I wanted to see a lot of familial love on the page. Annnnd, my mom shows her love to my siblings by trying to set them up. So, there was that too, lol!
Q: Which was your favorite bit of research that you did not end up using?
A: I did a lot of research about barristers and stumbled upon a historical record of cases from the assizes. Justice looked very different back then. Most crimes were punished similarly, even if one crime was not as severe as another. I fell hard down this rabbit hole, reading things that had absolutely no relevance to my story. It was both terrible and fabulous!
Q: What movies or shows would be a comparable title with your book?
A: I'm going to stretch this one a bit and say Pride and Prejudice. Visualize Mrs. Bennet and Lady Catherine De bourgh doing their utter best to sway the winds of fate, but in the end, love has a way of doing its own thing.
Q: Which Rebel do the Matchmaking Mama's intend to help next?
A: Teasing Tom is the Matchmaking Mamas next victim! I am almost done writing his story. Poor Tom thought he could hold out on love, but the mamas chose the perfect woman to weaken his defenses.

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