Mr. Malcolm’s List

Have you ever created a list of attributes for a spouse/partner? 

I did in high school and it’s a hoot! There’s like 30 requirements (most of them are ridiculous). 

MR. MALCOLM’S LIST by Suzanne Allain is definitely a book you’ll want to add to your TBR list! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

When Julia learns from her cousin, Lord Cassidy, that Mr. Malcolm has moved on because she didn’t meet all the requirements on his list, she’s livid. She comes up with a scheme—have Mr. Malcolm fall in love with her old school fellow, Selina, and then have her snub him for not meeting HER list. Selina is eager to be London and is told by Julia if she doesn’t follow through with the scheme, she’ll lose her invitation. Both Selina and Mr. Malcolm have instant attraction, but Selina is piqued that she is being tested from his list. And Julia is out for revenge at all costs. 

Mr. Malcolm’s list for an acceptable wife is worthy of Mr. Darcy. He’s looking for perfection, but he realizes by the end that love can’t be found on a list. 

This book has everything on your list for a Sweet Regency romp:

1. Romance

2. Handsome hero

3. Intelligent heroine 

4. Schemes / setups 

5. Mistaken identities 

6. Engaging side-characters 

7. Happy ending 


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