Think PINK

My friend Megan is expecting her first baby--a girl!  I googled for food ideas for a baby girl shower and oh my goodness!  There were plenty of great and some over-the-top food items out there.  I'm afraid that I passed on all the food ideas that made vegetables and fruit resemble diapers or strollers.  But I did love the idea of PINK food. 

So the PINK food I bought:
-Pink and White Animal Cookies
-Pink and White Wafer cookies
-Pink and White Wafer Rolls (look like striped candy canes)

The PINK food I baked:
-Strawberry banana bread
-Rice Crispie Treats with Strawberry marshmallows and drizzled with white chocolate
-Cupcakes with Strawberry frosting
-Brownies with drizzled chocolate
-Strawberry cake bites

PINK fruit (not pictured-another friend brought it):
-Red Grapes

I wrapped my mini water bottles in cute white and pink papers and made a banner.  I think PINK was the  perfect way to go. 


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